Do genuine clay paving brick require a lot of maintenance?

No. With proper design and installation, the only maintenance issues you need to consider are sweeping sand replenishment, possible moss growth, and vehicle fluid stains.

Sweeping Sand - The elements of rain, wind, and sunlight keep your pavers clean. They also tend to displace the sand between your pavers which could ultimately lead to a failure of your pavement. Be sure to check your sand annually and re-sweep new sand into the voids if necessary. TIP: This maintenance can be eliminated by the use of polymeric sweeping sand. The particles of this special sand bind together virtually eliminating sand loss as well as weed growth.

Moss / Organic Growth - In a generally damp area, low levels of sunlight and/or wind can create a situation conducive to moss and organic growth on some types of pavers. Some times this is desirable to achieve an old world look. Belden Brick Sales can help you plan for, or plan to avoid, this situation. This is one of very few reasons in which a sealer should be considered for a genuine clay paver.

Vehicle Fluids - If you are using your clay pavers for a driveway area, it is very probable that eventually you will have oil spots. EaCo Chem has a cleaner for this and if if the stain is extremely stubborn the brick(s) affected can be replaced. Note that our Cityline Series pavers are finished on both sides which would allow you to simply turn them over and re-install.