Face Brick / Building Stone

Face Brick

We understand the selection process when considering materials for your new home. Choosing just the right mix of colors, textures and overall character can be daunting. The staff at Belden Brick Sales Company are ready to work with your individual criteria and guide you to your best options.

Our showroom displays countless brick and stone options. Once a material is selected for consideration we provide locations where you can see the product on a finished job or work to produce a sufficient mock-up sample.

Building Stone

Selecting a full bed natural building stone product, while challenging, can be a fun and very rewarding experience. Getting the right help is invaluable to understanding, and ultimately enjoying, the selections you make. At Belden Brick Sales we combine our expertise in masonry systems with over half a century of experience from a major stone quarry in the Pennsylvania mountains. And if you really love your new stone, we can coordinate complimentary landscaping and decorative stone pieces as well!

To meet the needs of all budgets, Belden Brick Sales also works with high quality full bed manufactured stone vendors as well. High color consistency, tightly controlled unit dimensions, and extreme durability are just a few reasons to consider a manufactured building stone.