clay pavers

How to design a durable, low-maintenance clay brick paver system:

Acme Brick Clay Pavers

Firstly, there are two different typical installation methods. Your pavers can be installed on a flexible base system or a rigid base system. A flexible base system tends to necessitate the fewest repairs over the life-cycle due to the simple fact that it is flexible. Everyone knows that when the forces of the earth want to move something, it WILL move. The flexible base system allows for this to happen without major damage and a proper design will keep this movement from becoming a physical hazard. A rigid base system has its purposes as well. If you want the look of mortar joints between your pavers, a rigid base is necessary. It is very common to apply brick pavers over existing concrete that is in good condition, it is usually not feasible to remove the concrete just for the sake of having a flexible base...

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